5 mistakes in choosing an outsourcing partner

5 mistakes in choosing an outsourcing partner
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Last time we shared with you some tips on how to choose the right outsourcing partner for software development. Now it’s time to talk about 5 mistakes in choosing an outsourcing partner you can make. Let’s avoid them together.

Despite a great number of advantages, there are still some significant blunders that businesses often make while outsourcing, which can result in failures, additional costs, and time loss. Therefore, it is highly important to be aware of possible traps and be ready to avoid them:

  1. Lack of research. There are a couple of areas you should research to make sure that you partner for your project.
  2. Keeping ambiguity in requirements and miscommunication. Your outsourcing partner must understand exactly what you want in order to find the most effective ways to implement your idea.
  3. Outsourcing to companies that are not in sync with modern trends. No region is worse than others, but it is necessary to check that the outsourcing partner meets your expectations on issues beyond technicalities – such as legal risks, working ethics, cultural differences, broadband capacity.
  4. Lack of basic technical know-how on your end.  Regular checks are essential. Therefore, lack of technical knowledge from your end may pose some major risks for the project.
  5.  Underestimating Quality Assurance (QA) or Testing. Whatever you’re building, testing should be an integral part of software development from the very beginning.

Take a step in the right direction and read more about overcoming of such mistakes here.

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