The pathway of the project manager in IT

The pathway of the project manager in IT
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Last year we described the role, skills and duties of a software architect. Definitely, this person plays one of the main roles in your future project. But there is another person who defines the success of the whole campaign. Yes, we talk about PM. And in this post, we’d like to describe the pathway of the project manager in IT.

There are 4 characteristics of a managerial career in a large international IT company:

  1. S Scale 
    You just became a manager. Your first project has already been completed, so you as a new leader are lucky to come ‘prepared’: the contract is signed, the team is assembled, the process is running.
  2. M Scale.
    If at the previous stage the contract with the client was signed without you, now you are becoming more and more involved in negotiating agreements.
  3. L Scale.
    Now you can involve additional people in the project, purchase software and hardware at the company’s expense, invest in the development of innovative prototypes. You make the first investments.
  4. XL Scale.
    At this stage, the size of your company becomes so big that the team of scale S becomes the main attraction. When a team is over 100 people, you may not even know half of the people’s names. Only the client and the company remains your priority.

The higher the level of a manager, the less he/she has to work directly with some particular aspect of the organization’s life activity. If we collect manager’s areas of responsibility from all 4 stages, then we get a rather long list that you can find here.

As a bonus, here you can find a list of great web applications to simplify the way you run your business!

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