15 rules for professional UX designers

15 rules for professional UX designers
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Last time we shared with you a thoughtful material about UX design pyramid with the user needs. You should take this into account when developing a new design. But at the same time, there are 15 rules for professional UX designers you must know and follow everytime. Here they are!

Here are the 15 essential rules that every designer should be familiar with:

  1. User Interface is a part of User Experience
  2. User research is a natural first step in the design process
  3. Testing with real users is an essential part of the design process
  4. Adapt your design process for the product you design
  5. Don’t overwhelm users with too much information
  6. The design phase for digital products should include a prototyping stage
  7. Avoid Lorem Ipsum and dummy placeholders
  8. The hallmark of a great user interface is simplicity and consistency
  9. Showing users elements they can recognize improves usability versus needing to recall items from scratch
  10. Design for a diverse set of users that will interact with your products
  11. Design is team sport — don’t work in isolation
  12. Design is an iterative process
  13. Whenever possible, design products to keep potential errors to a minimum
  14. An app or website should always keep users informed about what is going on
  15. Remember Weber’s Law of Just Noticeable Differences

Follow the rules above and read more about them here.

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