How big companies are using GraphQL

How big companies are using GraphQL
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While we’ve already discussed the main GraphQL issues, here we also have some real examples of how big companies are using GraphQL.

GraphQL has been quickly taking over the dev world. A piece of technology that was non-existent outside Facebook just a few years ago is now replacing REST APIs at major tech companies. Let’s take a look at how some of these companies are actually using GraphQL in production:

  1. Coursera, like many modern startups, began with a JSON API. This worked well when the data being requested was small, but as their course catalog grew, the client-side SPA needed to download 1MB of JSON just to display the home page courses.
  2.  Shopify is one company who has actually taken the bold step of making their GraphQL API public.
  3. One of the major challenges The New York Times has faced with their GraphQL implementation is handling changes to the schema. In a perfect world, this would happen in one place and changes could be propagated down with some kind of automation.
  4.  Artsy is an online art marketplace with a killer engineering blog. They’re also very big on GraphQL.
  5. Two years ago, a tiny social media startup called Twitter, started experimenting with GraphQL. They’ve rolled it out slowly across their services, starting with TweetDeck, then onto Twitter Lite, and most recently to their Android and iOS apps.
  6. Yelp is another high-profile company who has launched a public GraphQL API.
  7. Speaking of high-profile public GraphQL APIs, GitHub got to that party early. Over 60% of the requests made to their database tier are done through the REST API.
  8. StackShare is using GraphQL with GraphQL Ruby in production for several months now.

Here you can get familiar with the full list of companies.

By the way, Syndicode is also can be found on StackShare! Check our tech stack.

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