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There is no a single browser with a non-Chromium engine

There is no a single browser with a non-Chromium engine
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Web development is one of Syndicode’s main fields. We know what tools are better for web development. Also, we know that there is no single browser with a non-Chromium engine…

Here are some thoughts on how Edge could have done better:

  • The biggest opportunity for market share was missed during launch. No matter how much you hate Internet Explorer, you have to acknowledge that hundreds of millions of users have been trained to consider it “the internet” out of sheer muscle memory.
  • To those IE users who are aware of what a browser is, and that there are competing browsers, it’s not clear how Edge is better compared to that other new default, Chrome.
  • To developers, Edge is just another IE.  It’s better than IE, but it remains the browser lagging behind in features and web standards, the browser in which things don’t work or render differently.
  • A lack of marketing. Sometimes Microsoft is stuck in its old ways. They ship something and believe just shipping it triggers mass adoption.
  • Besides the ability to force-ship Chrome to billions of users, Google also owns some of the world’s most widely used web services. Search, Maps, Gmail, Youtube and the like. Which all work better on Chrome, or contains ads to install Chrome.
  • The web now runs on a single engine. There is not a single browser with a non-Chromium engine on mobile of any significance other than Safari.

If you are interested to find out more about other browsers, please check here.

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