5 things that were removed from the Scrum Guide

5 things that were removed from the Scrum Guide
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If you choose Scrum software development methodology and use it for more than five years, you should know that some things have radically changed since that time. Do you know about 5 things that were removed from the Scrum Guide?

Here are 5 controversial items that were either removed or replaced. If these items put you off before you may want to reconsider if Scrum helpful for you.

  1. Chicken and pigs
    The Scrum Team are the pigs, everyone else is a chicken. A chicken can’t tell the pigs how to do their work. The story did not always have the desired effect.
  2. Commitment to work planned in the Sprint
    A commitment implies that there will be no new insights during the Sprint. A forecast is taking into account empiricism: transparency, inspection, adaptation.
  3. Grooming — first added, then removed
    The July 2013 version has the word ‘grooming’ replaced by ‘refinement’. The word grooming has negative connotations (child grooming).
  4. The three questions during the Daily Scrum
    • What he or she has accomplished since the last meeting;
    • What he or she is going to do before the next meeting;
    • What obstacles are in his or her way
  5. Scrum Master leads the Daily Scrum
    The Scrum Master coaches the team to stay within 15 minutes and coaches the organization that the Daily Scrum is intended to be for the Development Team. 

More about these changes you can find here.

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