ES2018 new features

ES2018 new features
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You already know a lot about JS, we hope thanks to our blog as well, so it would be useful to be updated about the ES2018 new features.

The ninth edition of the ECMAScript standard, officially known as ECMAScript 2018 (or ES2018 for short), was released in June 2018. Starting with ES2016, new versions of ECMAScript specifications are released yearly rather than every several years and add fewer features than major editions used to.

These are new changes:

  1. The Rest/Spread Properties. This operator makes copying and merging arrays a lot simpler. Rather than calling the concat() or slice() method, you could use the ... operator
  2. Asynchronous Iteration.  Prior to ES2015, JavaScript provided statements such as forfor...in, and while, and methods such as map()filter(), and forEach() for this purpose. To enable programmers to process the elements in a collection one at a time, ES2015 introduced the iterator interface.

  3. Promise.prototype.finally. Several JavaScript libraries had previously implemented a similar method, which proved useful in many situations. This encouraged the Ecma Technical Committee to officially add finally() to the specification.

  4. New RegExp Features. ES2018 adds four new features to the RegExp object, which further improves JavaScript’s string processing capabilities.

  5. Template Literal Revision. A tagged template comes in handy when you want to parse a template literal with a function.

Here you will find these new changes explained in details.

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