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Ruby in 2019

Ruby in 2019
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As someone actively writing in Ruby, it’s hard not to question if you miss something. This article is a summary of why you can be confident using Ruby in 2019.

A lot of the early 2.0-series improvements (2.1, 2.2, 2.3) were in the garbage collector – the 2.3-and-later GC is much faster than 2.0.

For RRB, 2.4.1 runs at 150%-155% of the speed of 2.0, and 2.6 (no JIT) runs at about 10%-15% faster than that. So you can quote me at 165% the speed of 2.0. That’s 65% faster, or just north of time-and-a-half speed.

2.6 has been a bit of a speed disappointment for RRB and large Rails apps, but overall the 2.0 series has been pretty good. So while 2.6 gave us nothing over 2.5, some earlier 2-series Rubies had us a bit ahead of that schedule and it all works out.

Three things to highlight in Ruby on Rails 6:

  • Action Mailbox – Handle incoming emails to your Rails application
  • Action Text – Built-in rich text capability using Trix and Active Storage
  • Parallel Testing – The ability to split/divide your tests to run in parallel

You can find out more reasons to use Ruby in 2019 here.

Also, Ruby is still a dominant language for web app development.

Let’s check what do you know about Ruby Struct?

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