12 mistakes in software development architecture

12 mistakes in software development architecture
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In our blog, we already paid attention to the role, skills, and duties of a software architect. And we still wonder if this magic creature exists at all… Because everyone can make mistakes, even experienced developers. So, let’s learn about 12 mistakes in software development architecture that we recommend you to be aware of.

Here there are:

1. Using the same model for the database and business logic.
2. Selection of records from the database and their projection on the DTO classes.
3. Using enum or a separate entity (a separate table-list in the database).
4. Violation of SRP (Single Responsible Principle).
5. Using Nullable types.
6. Verification of input/output data.
7. Using Exceptions.
8. Calculated fields and their storage in the database.
9. ‘Exceptional cases’ and ‘duplication’ in architecture.
10. Interfaces and their implementation.
11. ‘Stubs’ and other ways to suppress errors.
12. The non-obvious use of library code.

Software architecture that violates basic common sense becomes more and more heavily modifiable over time. The number of errors begins to grow exponentially, and their correction becomes more and more difficult. The price for making even small changes can become so large that it seems that the developers aren’t doing anything. And as a result, an application without a coherent architecture becomes a monster, so it becomes irrational to make any changes and it’s easier to accept errors than trying to fix them.

Please, don’t let it happen and read more here.

There are also several different development approaches for porting code bases to the new platform we’d like you to discover!

Also, you should understand that a proper software architecture comes from proper requirements defined in the early stages. Meet them to understand the future challenges of your project in a Discovery Session Kit!

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