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8 alternative Ruby frameworks

8 alternative Ruby frameworks
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We are experts not only in Ruby. But Ruby is in the list of our priorities. And we can assure you that there are many other options out there for Ruby developers, that aren’t Rails. Let’s explore 8 alternative Ruby frameworks! How many of them do you know?

  • Sinatra, written in 2000 lines of Ruby, is the biggest of the frameworks on the list, but still, it emphasizes the minimalistic approach to development, offering only what is necessary to handle HTTP requests and deliver responses to clients.
  • Padrino is a full-stack Ruby framework built upon the Sinatra web library. It might be based on Sinatra, but it adds many additional tools, such as having generators, tag helpers, caching, localization, mailers, etc.
  • Hanami is a full-stack Ruby web framework built by Luca Guidi, made up of small, single-purpose Ruby libraries. As the Hanami Team writes on their page, Hanami’s goal is to build lightweight apps which consume less memory than other Ruby web frameworks.
  • Grape, or Generalized Rapid API Erector, is a REST-like API micro-framework built to complement existing frameworks.
  • Cuba is a microframework for web development, a small but powerful mapper for Rack applications. It is very close to Rack with very low overhead.
  • Roda is a web framework built on top of Rack, created by Jeremy Evans, that started as a fork of Cuba and was inspired by Sinatra. Roda (and Cuba) have a very unique approach to routing compared to Rails, Sinatra and other Ruby web frameworks.
  • Ramaze is a very simple and straightforward web-framework. The philosophy of it could be expressed in a mix of KISS(Keep It Simple Stupid) and POLA (Principle Of Least Astonishment).
  • NYNY, or New York, New York, created by Andrei Lisnic, is a microframework for Ruby.

Interested in more details? Check them here.

P.S.  Rake is a task runner in Ruby. While it might sound complicated, let’s take a look at it together.

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