All you need to know about GraphQL

All you need to know about GraphQL
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GraphQL is all the rage, but what exactly is it? In this in-depth walkthrough, we take a look at what GraphQL is, how to use it, and why you should use it. All you need to know about GraphQL is here.

GraphQL is a client-side query language coupled with a pattern — formally known as a “schema” — for organizing the creation, reading, updating, and deleting of data in your application (yeah, that CRUD).

  • Where GraphQL separates from a more familiar REST API is due to its flexibility. With REST, done properly, endpoints are typically designed from the perspective of a resource, or, a type of data in our application.
  • We can get back a response from GraphQL specific to the context where we’re consuming data without having to add a one-off endpoint, perform multiple requests, or write convoluted conditional code.
  • Where queries fetch data, mutations are responsible for making changes to data. Alternatively, too, mutations can be used for a generic RPC (remote procedure call) for miscellaneous tasks like sending a user’s data to a third-party API.
  • In order to make a GraphQL request, we need to have a GraphQL server to send it to. A GraphQL server is a regular ol’ HTTP server (if you’re a JavaScripter, think Express or Hapi) with a GraphQL schema attached to it.
  • Where a lot of apps get bogged down is in the number, frequency, and complexity of HTTP requests. While GraphQL doesn’t completely eliminate requests, utilized properly, it can significantly reduce the number of requests you make from the client (in many cases, down to just one).

Please get a chance to see all the examples here.

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