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Most of the significant Node.js features were first experimental…

Most of the significant Node.js features were first experimental…
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For Node.js to grow and evolve, the contributors need to keep researching, experimenting and adding new features. And we need to write about them. Most of the significant Node.js features were first experimental…

For an experimental feature to become stable and be officially supported, it first needs to be extensively tested for a period of time, to make sure that the feature works well and adds value.

Some of the most relevant experimental features at the moment are:

  • Worker Threads. Node.js is by nature single threaded because it’s asynchronous event model. When a Node.js process is launched, it runs a single process with a single thread on a single core.
  • Performance Hooks. The Performance Timing API provides an implementation of the W3C Performance Timeline specification (the same Performance API as implemented in modern Web browsers).
  • Diagnostic Report. Delivers a file of a JSON-formatted diagnostic summary, for development, test and production use, to capture and preserve information for problem determination.
  • Policies. Policies are a security feature intended to allow guarantees about what code Node.js can load
  • ECMAScript Modules. The purpose of the EP is to allow a common module syntax for Browser and Server and allow a standard set of context variables for Browser and Server.

Don’t miss their detailed description here.

By the way, did you know that NLP.js is a general natural language utilities for Node.js?

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