Mosaic is a frontend JS library for building UIs

Mosaic is a frontend JS library for building UIs
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“The strength of JavaScript is that you can do anything. The weakness is that you will.” Because there are too many good things about Javascript. Do you like the idea of making most of JS libraries and features? So, let’s talk about something new we found! Mosaic is a frontend JS library for building UIs.

As we mentioned before, Mosaic is a new frontend JavaScript library for building UIs. What are the main features of Mosaic?

  • component-based: Mosaic components are pieces of code that keep track of their own data, actions, lifecycle functions, and more and can be reusable.
  • observable Data: Mosaic uses Observables to keep track of changes to a component’s data. This means that there is no need to call “setState”, you can change the data directly instead.
  • smart DOM: updates in Mosaic work by remembering which nodes are dynamic and traveling directly to those nodes to make changes, rather than traversing the tree again.
  • built-in Router: it gets with a basic, client-side routing solution.
  • state Manager: it comes with a built-in global state manager called Portfolio.
  • small Library Size: Mosaic is very small, with the minified JavaScript file being only 17KB.
  • tagged Template Literals: views are written using tagged template literals, which means there is no need for a compiler:
const name = "Mosaic";
html`<h1>Welcome to ${name}!</h1>`

Long story short, if you want to use Mosaic, check here.

Let’s present you another JS library that will help you with animation design – Anime.js.

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