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Open source software from React Training

Open source software from React Training
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Dan Abramov shares a lot of good stuff in his ‘Overreacted’ blog. For example, recently we shared with you his post about React’s useEffect. But one source is not a scale for people who work in the field. And as a software development agency, we are constantly monitoring for new knowledge sources. Today we will present you high-quality open source software from React Training we found on Github.

Surprise! Here you can find such repositories as:

  • react-router This repository is a monorepo that is using Lerna. It has several packages to npm from the same codebase, including: react-router, react-router-dom, react-router-native, react-router-config
  • react-media It is a CSS media query component for React.A <Media> component listens for matches to a CSS media query. There are three props that serve a different purpose.
  • history It is a JavaScript library that lets you easily manage session history anywhere JavaScript runs.
  • react-workshop It contains the course material for React Training.

  • react-stdio It lets you render React components on the server, regardless of the backend technology.

  • reactjs.org It contains the source code and documentation powering reactjs.org.

  • react-broadcast It provides a reliable way to React components.

  • react-history provides tools to manage session history using React.

Explore them all here.

And while we’re waiting for the new JS frameworks comparison let us introduce you a post about React vs Vue. Way to go!

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