Primary comparison of Vue.js and Angular.js

Primary comparison of Vue.js and Angular.js
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Remember our tiny note about Vue vs React? The dilemma lies in that fact that we love Vue, but currently spend more time developing in React. In fact, we appreciate both. But today we decided to turn our attention to Angular, which is still playing a significant role and is in use by many large enterprises. Let’s take a primary comparison of Vue.js and Angular.js.

Let’s look into Vue.js vs Angular comparison in more details.

  1. Angular is an open-source framework considered for building dynamic websites and applications. Whereas the Vue is highly recognized in the market for developing a simple page web application.
  2. Both these JavaScript application frameworks are loved by various famous brands for raising higher profits of the mobile market, including Adobe, Alibaba, Forbes, Behance, Nike, Gitlab, Grammarly and others.
  3. Angular JS framework offers better Server-Side Rendering (SSR) features that improve the page speed on the client side. Vue’s CLI is too basic when compared to other frameworks including Angular.
  4. Just like Angular frontend development framework, Vue.js also offer the option of Server-side rendering.
  5. Vue.js framework offers inbuilt app templates and higher customization which makes it easier than Angular and React.
  6.  Angular implements MVC (Model-View-Controller) and MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) for creating dynamic websites, Vue primarily focuses only on the ViewModel and shows limited data.
  7. Angular is highly integrated with TypeScript. It is not possible to code in Angular ecosystem without Typescript. When we talk about Vue.js, JavaScript is considered for writing codes.

Feel free to continue exploring these two frameworks in this great material.

And if you still think whether it’s worth using or not, we’d like to show you why should you learn Vue.js.

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