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Firefox for web developers. Why should you consider it?

Firefox for web developers. Why should you consider it?
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Firefox for web developers. Why should you consider it? Relax! We have an answer to this question. Syndicode thinks Firefox is awesome for web development as it has a lot of useful options. And, in fact, even better than Chrome in some aspects. We’re gonna show you some of them in today’s article. 

We value your time. That’s why we add no ‘blah-blah’ here and jump straight to the…

Reasons to use Firefox for web development:

  • WebAssembly. Large and complex applications online is a plus, with the recent rise of technologies such as photo and video editing, 3D game editing, and VR/AR, online users’ expectations have increased considerably.
  • A-Frame and WebVR. One of the biggest recent innovations is Virtual Reality. And with mobile phones, browsers, and products like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive it’s more powerful.
  • Common Voice, an open source initiative to make voice recognition available to everyone.
  • The new developer tool comes with three different theme options: dark, clear and Firebug.
  • One of the latest innovations in CSS is CSS Grid Layout. With DevTools, you can see your “display: grid” featured elements.
  • With the box model structure, you can easily see how much space is occupied by properties such as margin, padding, and border.
  • Introduction of variables. While not all browsers support variables, their use will increase over time.
  • By pressing the .cls button on the right side of the DevTools dashboard, you can easily add and remove CSS classes of the HTML element you are inspecting.
  • When you press the button next to the .cls key on the right side, you can easily test the hover, active, and focus states of the current element.
We hope you will find this information useful. We did. And going to use it in our new projects. Feel free to check here for more details.

If you missed it somehow, Mozilla Hacks team prepared the list of the new Firefox 64 interface features and Syndicode is happy to share it with you! Here you go!

And don’t forget that you can always…

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