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Software development roles explained

Software development roles explained
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We asked this question to many people but didn’t get any clear answer. So, we finally decided to ask you. What are the various roles and responsibilities on a software team, and which job titles tend to cover which roles? What? You don’t know for sure? Let’s check this together in today’s post and finally get software development roles explained!

One fact is indisputable – every team is unique, and responsibilities tend to distribute between different members of the team. Anybody at any time can delegate responsibilities to somebody else for various reasons .

So, that’s main roles that should be on your list. Write them down:

  • Engineering Fellow – typically also holds another title at the company, often a CTO, Architect, VP of Engineering, or principal role.
  • CEO – authority in an organization
  • CTO – a technical cofounder to a visionary or domain-driven CEO
  • CIO/Chief Digital Officer/Chief Innovation Officer – like a CTO, but typically employed by a company that would not be considered a “tech company”
  • VP of Engineering/Director of Engineering – responsible for building the engineering team
  • Chief Architect could be a technical co-founder
  • Software Architect 
  • Engineering Project Manager/Engineering Manager  is in charge of managing the workflow of an engineering team
  • Technical Lead/Engineering Lead/Team Lead the leader of a small number of developers
  • Principal Software Engineer
  • Senior Software Engineer/Senior Software Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • Junior Software Developer
  • Intern Software Developer
  • VP of Product Management/Head of Product
  • Product Manager
  • VP of Marketing

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We want to share with you a very useful plan you can use while working on your project. We call it software development implementation plan.

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