10 usability heuristics for mobile UI design

10 usability heuristics for mobile UI design
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Now that you are familiar with the 8 key principles of mobile UX design, it’s time to collect principles that are inspired by human-centered design and usability thought leaders. We selected for you 10 usability heuristics for mobile UI design. Originally they were identified by Nielsen Norman Group. Check how well you are prepared. 

Heuristic principles for usability evaluations help identify where a UI design is getting worse regarding a user-friendly experience. So, meet 10 universal principals:

  1. The system should always keep users informed about what is going on, through appropriate feedback within a reasonable time.
  2. Any user action should have an immediate interface reaction.
  3. The system should speak the users’ language, with words, phrases, and concepts familiar to the user, rather than system-oriented terms.
  4. Users should not have to wonder whether different words, situations, or actions mean the same thing.
  5. The UI should provide enough indicators to help the user recognize, diagnose, and recover from the error.
  6. Minimize the user’s memory load by making objects, actions, and options visible.
  7. Even though it is better if the system can be used without documentation, it may be necessary to provide help and documentation.
  8. Design decisions are driven by what an element is meant to do rather than prioritizing its visual style.
  9. To ensure the user interface design principles and usability heuristics align with the product’s purpose and user needs.
  10. Users often choose system functions by mistake and will need a clearly marked exit to leave the unwanted state without having to go through an extended dialogue.

Do you agree with all of them? For more useful information check here.

If you like theory, this material is also for you. UI/UX design guide that must be known and followed by every designer.

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