5 reasons to take Elixir into account

5 reasons to take Elixir into account
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Elixir is a relatively new programming language. It’s young functional programming language but very perspective. Elixir has been trusted by several companies and we are not exception. Today we are going to show you 5 reasons to take Elixir into account if you haven’t done that already. 

Elixir is a unique, powerful and productive language. So, let’s look closer why is it so:

  1. The combination of new and productive language features, clear development tooling, great documentation, with the stability and predictability of proven technology, makes Elixir a unique language.
  2. Every concurrent activity in Elixir is a process. If an application requires the creation of 100k concurrent process to map its business domain, that’s completely fine with Elixir.
  3. Because of its concurrency model, Elixir can be very fast, even when compared with other languages. Performance is not only about how fast something happens but also about how consistent and repeatable that same thing happens. Elixir has great performance.
  4. The Elixir scheduler makes it easy for applications to vertically scale. The support for distributed systems in Elixir goes beyond the ability to run processes in different machines.
  5. Elixir has the concept of “Supervisors”, which goes together with the “let it crash” idea. When a supervised process crashes, a “supervisor” kicks in and take measures to handle the crash.

Can the Elixir programming language be a competitive advantage? Find the answer here.

Benchee is a library for micro-benchmarking in Elixir that allows you to compare the performance of different pieces of code at a glance.

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