8 reads for JavaScript developers

8 reads for JavaScript developers
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Do you know what’s the strength of JavaScript? It is that you can do anything! And we are sure you will. But before, please just take some time and check our list of 8 reads for JavaScript developers.

So, here are some inspiring book on Javascript. Write them down:

  1. Refactoring UI. You can learn how to design beautiful user interfaces by yourself using specific tactics explained from a developer’s perspective.
  2. The Pragmatic Programmer. It’s everything from Journeyman to Master cuts through the increasing specialization and technicalities of modern software development to examine the core process. For the developers as an individual and as a team, if you want to create software that’s easy to work with and good for your users.
  3. The Mythical Man-Month. A book on software engineering and project management by Fred Brooks. The idea is about Brooks’ law, that is presented along with the second-system effect and advocacy of prototyping.
  4. You Don’t Know JS. A book series exploring the parts of JavaScript that we all think we know, But you can check if it so.
  5. Professional JavaScript for Web Developers. This book provides a developer-level introduction along with more advanced and useful features of JavaScript.
  6. Learn JavaScript & jQuery. If you want to use JavaScript to make your web pages more interactive, interesting, and usable. This book is useful even for those who have never done any programming.
  7. Code Complete. A software development book, written by Steve McConnell. It is a collection of software construction techniques, which include techniques from naming variables to deciding when to write a subroutine.
  8. Learning JavaScript Design Patterns. Design patterns are reusable solutions to commonly occurring problems in software design.  Classical and modern design patterns to the JavaScript programming language.

You can explore all of them in this material.

And if you have some problems with functions, objects, arrays, and strings, we have a solution for you! FKit is a functional programming toolkit for JavaScript that is ready to help you with that.

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