Remote development with VS Code

Remote development with VS Code
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“The code you write makes you a programmer. The code you delete makes you a good one. The code you don’t have to write makes you a great one.” Speaking of code, we can’t restrict from telling you about Visual Studio Code. More exactly, about remote development with VS Code. Yes, Syndicode knows some hacks!

There are three new extensions for working with remote workspaces running in WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux), Docker containers and in physical and virtual machines over SSH:

  1. The Remote – WSL extension lets you use the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) as a full development environment, right from VS Code. This new support lets you:
  • use Windows to develop in a Linux-based environment, using platform-specific toolchains and utilities.
  • edit files located in WSL or the mounted Windows filesystem (for example /mnt/c).
  • run and debug your Linux-based applications on Windows.

2. With the Remote – SSH extension you open folders hosted on any remote machine, VM, or container with a running SSH server. This development over SSH lets you:

  • create larger, faster or more specialized hardware than your local machine.
  • swap between different environments and safely make updates without worrying about impacting your local machine.
  • debug an application running somewhere else, such as a customer site.

3. The Remote – Containers extension lets you use a Docker container as your development container. With their help:

  • you can develop and easily reproduce toolchain on the same operating system you are deploying to.
  • you can quickly swap between different development environments without impacting your local machine.
  • is easy to contribute to the project as it is easy to develop, build, and test in a consistent development environment.

More information on how to manage these extensions you can find here.

Find more about Vital Visual Studio Code settings and extensions in our blog.

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