4 Reasons to Attend AI Conference Kyiv

4 Reasons to Attend AI Conference Kyiv
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Real case studies and productive networking are the two main among 4 Reasons to Attend AI Conference Kyiv next week! Earlier we made an announcement for this long-awaited event. The next week, on June 4, Smile-Expo will host large-scale AI Conference Kyiv. The event will focus on the use of artificial intelligence in business and will bring together leading industry experts. Who and why should attend the conference?

4 Reasons to Attend AI Conference Kyiv

  1. Seven hours of reports from leading industry experts
    Speakers are representatives of Microsoft, Vodafone, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine, DevRain. Experts will share the experience of using artificial intelligence in production, set up goals and forecasts for the technology for the nearest future. The conference program is comprised of themed blocks dedicated to artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of Things, and chatbots.
  2. Real-life case studies
    Experts will show how to use AI technologies in business through specific examples from their practice. They will present facts, numbers, functional life hacks, and efficient schemes.
  3. Interactive panel discussion
    The conference will end with the roundtable that will discuss business development using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and Internet of Things. Guests that will prepare questions and cases for analysis will have a chance to take part in the discussion and get advice from experts.
  4. Productive networking
    AI Conference Kyiv is a platform for business communication, search for specialists, business partners, contractors, and niche experts. Conference guests will have the possibility to make new acquaintances and negotiate partnerships.

Who may find the conference useful?

The event will be of interest for company owners, startup founders, developers, marketing specialists, top operations managers, managers of IT departments, and everyone who wants to improve business performance characteristics using innovative technologies. Knowledge obtained at the conference will allow automating production processes, reducing costs, and improving customer service, that is making your business an industry leader.


The conference is hosted by Syndicode’s trusted partner – Smile-Expo, the international company that organizes business events with 13 years of experience. The company specializes in events dedicated to innovative technologies in business.

Discount tickets

Promo code AIPR20 allows getting a 20% discount to tickets. You have to enter the promo code on the registration page.

The full conference program and registration are available on the official event website.

See you there!

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