Hybrids is a UI library for creating Web Components

Hybrids is a UI library for creating Web Components
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We spent many hours improving our skills and knowledge in Ruby on Rails Web App Development and created many outstanding projects.  From a developer’s perspective, native web components help to manage the project more efficiently. And we are going to share with you one UI library that can make your life easier. Hybrids is a UI library for creating Web Components

So, let’s make it more clear. What is Hybrids? It is a UI library for creating Web Components that provides simple and functional API for creating custom elements.

There are some common patterns among JavaScript UI libraries like class syntax, a complex lifecycle or stateful architecture. Classes can be hard to compose if you just started to learn it. Complex lifecycle callbacks have to be studied very carefully to understand. Lifecycle callbacks can be minimized with smart change detection and cache mechanism. They can be implemented independently as well as globally in the component definition.

That’s the list of the main features:

  • The simplest definition — just plain objects and pure functions
  • Composition over inheritance — easy re-use, merge or split property definitions
  • No global lifecycle callbacks — no did* or will* and only in the independent property definition
  • Very fast recalculation — built-in cache mechanism secures performance and data flow
  • Templates without external tooling — template engine based on tagged template literals
  • Developer tools included — Hot module replacement support for the fast development

Please feel free to learn more here.

And learn more about other UI libraries from our blog. For example, Mosaic is a frontend JS library for building UIs.

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