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Key metrics of Node.js apps

Key metrics of Node.js apps
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We gathered enough knowledge to share with you. Enough to provide you with a detailed custom software development consulting. If you decided to make a Node.js application you could face some difficulties at the beginning. If you’re not careful enough you can experience some memory leaks. But if you know some key metrics of Node.js apps, it can help.

Let’s start with these metrics: Below you can find out why you need them:

  • CPU Usage
  • CPU Load

Node.js apps rely often on non-blocking I/O. If there is a CPU utilization, it may mean that a lot of synchronous work is hogging the CPU and blocking the thread. Fixing CPU intensive code is the first thing you need to do to increase the performance of your Node.js server.

  • Released memory between Garbage Collection Cycles
  • Process Heap Size
  • Process Heap Usage

A single process can have a maximum heap of 1.5 GB. Memory leaks are a common issue in Node.js. Node.js is based on the V8 engine, so it uses garbage collection to reclaim memory used by variables that are no longer needed. This can stop the program execution. The metrics above will help you to track down the root cause.

  • Time consumed for garbage collection
  • Counters for full garbage collection cycles
  • Counters for incremental garbage collection cycles
  • Released memory after garbage collection

Comparing the released memory with the size of the heap can show you if there is a growing trend leading you to figure out if you have a memory leak. Check the metrics above.

To know more about which metrics it’s better to use creating Node.js application, please visit here.

We also collected the most interesting Node.js best practices, style guides, and architectural tips to your web application services. However, if you hire Syndicode team you have no need to learn on your own mistakes. We’ll make it smooth sailing!

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