Monthly trending Ruby on Rails repositories. July, 22

Monthly trending Ruby on Rails repositories. July, 22
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Ruby on Rails is not dying, ok? While tens of good-looking alternative appear every day, Rails remain trusted and reliable. And, what is more important, Rails getting more and more great updates and libraries. Today, in our monthly trending Ruby on Rails repositories digest issued on July 22, we’re going to present you a self-hosted music streaming server, RuboCop extension, Ruby gem that wraps a JavaScript charting library, the next generation of time arithmetic library and many other great open source Ruby/Rails projects on GitHub.  

The list starts with the most recent updates.

Monthly trending Ruby on Rails GitHub repositories

  1. Black candy is a self-hosted music streaming server built with Rails and Stimulus. The goal of the project is to create a real personal music center.
  2. RuboCop Rails is a RuboCop extension focused on enforcing Rails best practices and coding conventions.
  3. Transproc is a small library that allows you to compose procs into a functional pipeline using left-to-right function composition.
  4. ApexCharts.rb is a Ruby gem that wraps a JavaScript charting library called with the same name, apexcharts.js, that’s going to give you a beautiful, interactive, and responsive charts for your ruby app.
  5. RMagick is an interface between the Ruby programming language and the ImageMagick image processing library.
  6. RouteTranslator is a gem to allow you to manage the translations of your app routes with a simple dictionary format.
  7. Sorbet is a static typechecker for a subset of Ruby. It is still in early stages but is mature enough to run on the majority of Ruby code at Stripe. Recently we made a post about it went open source.
  8. TimeCalc is the next generation of Time arithmetic library. It tries to provide a way to do simple time arithmetic in a modern, readable, idiomatic, no-“magic” Ruby.
  9. Puma is a multi-threaded, and concurrent HTTP 1.1 server for Ruby/Rack applications. Read its review.
  10. Scallop is an ergonomic shell wrapper for Ruby.
  11. Montrose is an easy-to-use library for defining recurring events in Ruby. It uses a simple chaining system for building recurrences.
  12. Ahoy Email is email analytics for Rails.
  13. Annotate (aka AnnotateModels) is a gem to add a comment summarizing the current schema to the top or bottom of each of your ActiveRecord models, Fixture files, tests and specs, machinist blueprints, etc.
  14. Wasmer is a Ruby library for executing WebAssembly binaries.
  15. vcr is used to record your test suite’s HTTP interactions and replay them during future test runs for fast, deterministic, accurate tests.
  16. Chartkick is a Ruby gem to create beautiful JavaScript charts with one line of Ruby.
  17. Rumale (Ruby machine learning) is a machine learning library in Ruby. Rumale provides machine learning algorithms with interfaces similar to Scikit-Learn in Python.
  18. Mittsu is a 3D graphics library for Ruby. It makes 3D graphics easier by providing an abstraction over OpenGL.
  19. regexp-examples generates strings that match a given regular expression.
  20. pg_search builds ActiveRecord named scopes that take advantage of PostgreSQL’s full-text search.
  21. Impersonator is a Ruby library to record and replay object interactions. Impersonator only focuses on validating invocation signature and reproducing output values, which is perfect for many services.
  22. Stripe::Rails is a Rails engine for use with stripe.com. This gem can help your Rails application integrate with Stripe in the following ways: manage stripe configurations, plans, and coupons from within your app, painlessly receive and validate webhooks from Stripe.
  23. Color LS is a Ruby script that colorizes the ls output with color and icons.
  24. httplog helps you to log outgoing HTTP requests made from your application. Helps with debugging pesky API error responses, or just generally understanding what’s going on under the hood.
  25. Slop is a simple option parser with an easy to remember syntax and friendly API.
  26. Ahoy is analytics for Rails. It helps to track visits and events in Ruby, JavaScript, and native apps. Data is stored in your database by default so you can easily combine it with other data.
  27. AuthTrail is a gem to track Devise login activity.
  28. Eps is a machine learning for Ruby that builds predictive models, serves models built in Ruby, Python, R, and more, and needs no prior knowledge of machine learning required.
  29. Haml is a templating engine for HTML. It’s designed to make it both easier and more pleasant to write HTML documents, by eliminating redundancy, reflecting the underlying structure that the document represents, and providing an elegant syntax that’s both powerful and easy to understand.
  30. Redlock is a Redis-based distributed lock implementation in Ruby.
  31. TTY::Spinner is a terminal spinner for tasks that have a non-deterministic time frame. It provides independent spinner component for TTY toolkit.
  32. Eucalypt is a micro-framework, application generator and CLI wrapped around the Sinatra DSL.

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