Smashtest for describing and deploying test cases

Smashtest for describing and deploying test cases
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Everyone wants their code to be great! We collected the most reliable Rails testing tools that you can certainly be sure about. But we have something else for you too. Please meet Smashtest for describing and deploying test cases.

What is a Smashtest? It is a language for describing and deploying test cases. With its help, you can speed up your automated testing. This is possible thanks to the tree-like format of writing the test. Trees represent how we think while we’re testing.

Start by installing Smashtest, then writing your first .smash file. Smashtest comes with a lot of built-in steps.

Development technique

Using ~ is actually a recommended test development technique:

  1. Write a step
  2. Put a ~ at the end of it
  3. Run Smashtest, which runs the browser to that line
  4. You will get all the permutations that can branch from that point
  5. List them as steps, indented to the step with the ~
  6. Repeat

For more information please use this information.

Check our article, where we are revealing more secrets and presenting you 3 parts of the perfect unit test.


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