Figma 3.0 released! Syndicode news. Design

Figma 3.0 released!

Nowadays it’s hard to stay ahead of your competitors, especially if we talk about design tools. While one propose unlimited power on a paid base the other allows using everything for free. But Figma thinks that the future is in the online collaboration within your design team. And you can’t argue with this! Figma 3.0 released with three new features that will allow teams of all sizes to consolidate their tool stack, saving time and money.

Monthly trending Ruby on Rails repositories. February, 13. Syndicode Rails digest

Monthly trending Ruby on Rails repositories. February, 13

Can you imagine that our Rails digest celebrates one year! On February 5 in 2018 we started our (weekly at first) regular issues with the most interesting Rails/Ruby projects on GitHub. Now it transformed into monthly trending Ruby on Rails repositories digest and can deliver more of interesting tools and solutions for your use. What can be more awesome than a chance to do less work with better performance? This time, on February 13 of 2019, you will read about e-commerce solutions, Rails security, row sorting library, testing Rails engines and other great RoR projects on GitHub!

Join the biggest interface design conference in Eastern Europe — KRUPA 2019! Syndicode design events

Join the biggest interface design conference in Eastern Europe — KRUPA 2019!

You could have read our design events calendar for 2019 we published earlier. There, on April 6, in Kyiv, you could find this interesting name KRUPA (which, translated from Ukrainian, literally means ‘cereals’). But let this name not distract you from the goal of this event, because this is the biggest interface design conference in Eastern Europe! And you’re welcome to join KRUPA 2019! 

UI prototyping tools. Syndicode design

UI prototyping tools

In our UI/UX design guide we told you about UI software prototyping. In a nutshell, there are 5 types of prototyping, and each type has its own set of digital (and not only) tools that fits best the process. Some of them quite famous, some – not. Today we are ready to present you the ultimate list of UI prototyping tools. Unbiased as always, Syndicode tried to collect the most popular of them. 

2018 Design Tools Survey

2018 Design Tools Survey

Here in Syndicode, we are design experts who are ready to face the next challenge and develop the new outstanding design you will be proud of. At the same time, we can’t stop sharing with you all the hacks and secrets we use to master our skills. So today get ready for the 2018 design tools survey we will definitely take into account. It can be useful for you too!

Discovery session for the new project. Step-by-step. Syndicode news

Discovery session for the new project. Step-by-step

This time Syndicode decided to share some piece of inner information about our experience with discovery sessions we provide for our new clients. That could be very helpful as for those who want to start a project with us, as for others who want to get the understanding what discovery session is and what parts it consists of. Let’s explore the discovery session for the new project, in details. Step-by-step.