Primary comparison of Vue.js and Angular.js. Syndicode news

Primary comparison of Vue.js and Angular.js

Remember our tiny note about Vue vs React? The dilemma lies in that fact that we love Vue, but currently spend more time developing in React. In fact, we appreciate both. But today we decided to turn our attention to Angular, which is still playing a significant role and is in use by many large enterprises. Let’s take a primary comparison of Vue.js and Angular.js.

Hooks in Vue?

Hooks in Vue?

We always have something to tell about Vue. As you probably know, Vue offers stateless functional components, but why would we need to carry the state in a functional component? So, can we use hooks in Vue? Hooks can consume and use state from one to another. This means that if we need chain encapsulated logic, it’s now possible. Let’s take a closer look.

Vue 3.0 for web development. Syndicode news

Vue 3.0 for web development

Vue is a ‘progressive framework for building user applications’. It’s designed to be super flexible with the ability to either incorporate individual Vue libraries into other projects or powering complex projects entirely with Vue. So, meet Vue 3.0 for web development!