Credo v0.9.1 released. Syndicode news

Credo v0.9.1 released

We are happy to write about the latest news with useful tools and updates. The last version of Credo received only the two minor new features. But it is still worth sharing! Credo is a static code analysis tool emphasizing code consistency and teaching. Credo v0.9.1 released!

Best JS VSCode extensions. Syndicode news

Best JS VSCode extensions

Visual Studio Code is a source code editor developed by Microsoft for Windows, Linux, and macOS with support for debugging, embedded Git control, syntax highlighting, intelligent code completion, snippets, and code refactoring. VSCode is an open-source and cross-platform editor. Today we will tell you about the best JS VSCode extensions you should use every day for better development experience! 

Desktop Ruby GUI development in 2018. Syndicode news

Desktop Ruby GUI development in 2018

It’s hard to underestimate the importance of graphical user interface. Through this interface, literally, everything we do as users became possible. GUI lets us interact with electronic devices through graphical icons and visual indicators. If you have ever developed a desktop tool, you could have paid your attention to that Ruby GUI development is a seldom mentioned subject. But it exists and it’s valuable! And we’re going to fix the situation by making an overview of desktop Ruby GUI development in 2018!

Why not every company able to develop a product. Outsourcing vs product. Syndicode news

Why not every company able to develop a product. Outsourcing vs product

This is an English translation of Serhiy Berezhnyy original article with the working name ‘outsourcing vs product’. Syndicode recently found his thoughts on the topic ‘why not every company able to develop a product’ quite reasonable. Moreover, this opinion shows why we have such situation in development when many unicorns fail. So we decided to deliver this utmost useful material for the English-speaking community. We called it ‘Why not every company able to develop a product. Outsourcing vs product’. Enjoy!

5 RoR commercial use cases. Syndicode news

5 RoR commercial use cases

As Ruby on Rails agency, we are very excited about new materials that prove how cool Ruby on Rails is. (We already know that, but for some of you, reasons still should be provided). RoR is an effective platform for developing web and cloud applications. There are at least 865,472 websites running on Ruby on Rails, and the number is growing. As you all know Ruby on Rails was created to promote programmer happiness, which means programmers are more productive and more efficient developing in Ruby on Rails than on other platforms such as .NET and Java. Let’s explore the effectiveness of the framework with 5 RoR commercial use cases. 

Weekly most popular JS repositories. April blossom. JS digest

Weekly most popular JS repositories. April blossom

It’s so good in April! On one hand, we shouldn’t keep your attention and make you stay in front of your screen any longer. Because there’s the real spring outside! But on the other hand, there are so many interesting things we’d like to share with you! Let’s make a deal. Now you will read about the latest weekly most popular JS repositories. April blossom then will take you outside to enjoy all the beauty of spring. Getting down to business, in our new JS digest you’ll find tools to improve the quality of web pages, charting and visualization libraries, input mask library, mobile component, dependency-free JavaScript ES6 slider and more… Enjoy!

Syndicode at 'Introduction to Data Science, Analytics and Artificial intelligence' course. Syndicode event

Syndicode at ‘Introduction to Data Science, Analytics and Artificial intelligence’ course

On April 14-15 Syndicode together with AKAI Digital attended the course ‘Introduction to Data Science, Analytics and Artificial intelligence’ held by Oleksandr Romanko, Senior Research Analyst, IBM Canada. That was one of Data Science UA events with the structured, understandable and interesting material so two days seemed to pass too fast! Get inspired for the next awesome events with several pictures of Syndicode at ‘Introduction to Data Science, Analytics and Artificial intelligence‘ course! 

Syndicode Digest #51 – Lucky number. Syndicode digest

Syndicode Digest #51 – Lucky number

At first, we did not pay attention to what day is it today. But today is Friday the 13th! It is considered an unlucky day so you should immediately stop working. Of course, if you consider your work as just a work… But if you love what you do – nothing should prevent you from coding, developing, deploying, researching and so on. This year, in 2018, Friday the 13th will also occur later on July 13. We do believe that you love what you do! So, have a happy deploying (we’re also deploying today!) with our latest Syndicode Digest #51 – Lucky number!