Trends to avoid when you do a startup. Syndicode news.

Trends to avoid when you do a startup

If you’re planning to make a startup, last time we showed you some techniques of bootstrapping money for it. This time we’ll share some piece of advice about what you shouldn’t do when starting your business. If you are going to avoid making the same mistakes that so many entrepreneurs have made, the first step is to be able to recognize them. So, this post offers a high-level overview of the trends to avoid when you do a startup. 

JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures

As you already know, we do a monthly JS digest, the list of the most popular JS repositories on GitHub. But today we’ve found something special. It is not just a repo with one of the nice tools and JS solutions available nowadays. In this repository, you’ll find JavaScript examples of many common algorithms (e.g. bit manipulation, Pascal’s triangle, Hamming distance) and data structures (e.g. linked lists, trees, graphs) with explanations.

How Elixir helps make the most complex systems work effectively?

Previously we described the difference between Elixir and Ruby and the main features. One of the features of Elixir is the ability to work with umbrella projects. With umbrella projects, Elixir allows you to have more than one application in your system. The really nice thing about this is that there is almost no difference between an application inside an umbrella and the same application if it were built as a single project. So, let’s have a look at the benefits of umbrella projects.

Serverless API with Microsoft Azure

Recently we made a post with Google Cloud and AWS comparison. But we promised to include there Microsoft Azure. While we’re still working on that you might enjoy the example of creating a serverless API using Microsoft Azure. What if you want or need to make your own API? Serverless can help create a nice one for data you’d like to expose for use. Here we’ll be able to create an API in a few button clicks, with minor modifications.

SQL tricky questions on job interview

SQL tricky questions on job interview

After we showed you 10 main questions asked to a candidate on JavaScript interviews, we found an interesting material with SQL tricky questions. This is a translated summary from the original article by Alexander Chmyr. The questions are related to the basic mechanisms of the language. So, first of all, they will be interesting for the beginners, but perhaps there will be something new for the experienced developers too.

Voting application using Ruby on Rails and blockchain

Voting application using Ruby on Rails and blockchain

As we support many blockchain events, that was obvious for us to share this article about creating an app using blockchain plus our core stack framework – Rails. This tutorial shows how to work with blockchain using Ruby and how to create a decentralized application based on Ruby on Rails. It doesn’t cover deep knowledge of blockchain, only a basic introduction that helps to understand how it works and how to design dApp architecture.

What do you know about Mentat knowledge base? Syndicode news

What do you know about Mentat knowledge base?

Syndicode shared with you backend development cheatsheet for 2018 where you could find step by step visual guides demonstrating the bigger picture of what you should know as a frontend developer. And now we will present you the flexible relational (not key-value, not document-oriented) store that makes it easy to describe, grow, and reuse your domain schema and will check what do you know about Mentat knowledge base?