Faker Ruby library for generating fake data

Faker Ruby library for generating fake data
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There are plenty of useful Ruby gems for all tastes and needs. As Ruby on Rails agency, we use most of them. This time we would like to present Faker Ruby library for generating fake data. Are you ready?

This gem is used to generate fake data. Why can you need this? It’s a useful tool for taking screenshots, real-looking test data, and for your database to be populated with more than two records while the development process.

These are the features you need to pay attention, for example, Faker generates data at random and usually returns values unique. Values also can be deterministic.

To install the gem you need to run:

gem install faker

For your gem to be documented, change the line to:

gem 'faker', :git => 'https://github.com/faker-ruby/faker.git', :branch => 'master'

You can find more instructions here.

And we can add one more gem to the collection. How about Onebox Ruby gem for turning URLs into website previews?

By the way, you have no need to know and use all these Ruby gems – that’s enough for you to know that Syndicode is using them and can help you with your Ruby/Ruby on Rails project!

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