Get ready for KharkivFrontend Summer Conference!

Get ready for KharkivFrontend Summer Conference!
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Recently Syndicode shared with you the Node.js guide for beginners. But it is much more efficient to enter the field by joining the community and attending a conference! There you will hear a lot of tips, uncover some secrets and meet experts who can inspire you and advice an optimal path. That is why we want you to get ready for KharkivFrontend Summer Conference!

KharkivFrontend Summer Conference is a one-day conference about the magic of Node.js from the KharkivFrontend Community, which will be held on July 22nd. The event is expected to be interesting not only to experienced developers but also to those who are just going to plunge into the bright world of JavaScript development!

KharkivFrontend Summer Conference topics

KharkivFrontend Summer Conference will consist of 6 topics:

  1. NodeJS. What is the secret?
  2. Closures in JavaScript
  3. Maybe is it time to refuse testing?
  4. Event loop. What is this and where it’s used
  5. Node.js HTTP module
  6. Node.js Streams

The conference program and other necessary information can be found on the Frontend community website.

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Skill up with KharkivFrontend Community! And be happy!

See you there!

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