Meet Mobile Fest 2018 speakers!

Meet Mobile Fest 2018 speakers!
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As we announced before, on June 2 the professional conference for mobile apps developers Mobile Fest 2018 will be held in Kyiv. There you will have a chance to take part in iOS and Android development discussions and find out the latest mobile development trends. As mobile app development agency Syndicode supports this event and wants you to meet Mobile Fest 2018 speakers! And don’t forget about 10% discount for Syndicode friends! 

Mobile Fest 2018 will gather famous experts in iOS and Android development, mobile architects and engineers interested in cross-platform development from Ukraine and world IT industry. But we already mentioned all the reasons for you to visit Mobile Fest. There you will also find the topics will be discussed at the event.

Now’s the time for you to

Meet Mobile Fest 2018 speakers

  1. Yonatan Levin – Android development expert from Israel (a talk will be announced soon).
  2. Oleksandr Korin – iOS Dev and speaker from Ukraine with ‘Pain Reliever’ talk.
  3. Enrique López Mañas – Google Developer Expert and independent IT consultant from Germany, his talk is ‘TensorFlow for Mobile Poets’.
  4. Fernando Cejas – Developer Advocate, IBM, Germany will give a talk ‘What Mom Never Told You About Multi-threading’.
  5. Håvard Hvassing – Project Manager, Bekk Consulting, Norway with ‘Working with sharp tools — continuous integration and deployment as a way to reduce friction’.
  6. Artem Shevchenko – Android Software Developer, UKLON, Ukraine will tell you about ‘Smooth transitions to Android – how and why to do this?’

…And other interesting engineers, architects, CTOs, and developers who drive the industry and prove that development is an art! You can explore more than half of the program that is already on the event website.

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Find all announced speakers, detailed schedule and tickets price on the official event site. Follow the event updates on Mobile Fest Facebook event.

Join Mobile Fest 2018!

See you there!

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