MetaTags is a SEO for Rails applications

MetaTags is a SEO for Rails applications
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As Ruby on Rails agency, it’s obvious we couldn’t pass a new Search Engine Optimization. And we are generous enough to share it with you. MetaTags is a SEO for Rails applications that you will definitely need to explore.

The first thing you need to pay attention is that MetaTags fully supports Ruby on Rails 4.2+ versions. It also was tested against all Rails releases up to 6.0.beta2. Keep in mind, that you will not be able to use versions older than 2.2.0 and 4.2.

Some of the main features you can use:

  • Turbolinks, a simple solution for getting better performance.
  • jQuery.pjax, a tool used for navigation without full page reload. 
  • Meta keywords tag are used to put the keywords that can be searched in Search engines.
  • Nofollow meta tag are used for a search engine and for easier following the links on a specific page.

To start the process of installation add the “meta-tags” gem to your Gemfile and run bundle install command. That’s it!

For more examples and details read this material.

And if you haven’t discovered yet how to split your Rails application using microservices, you can do it now.

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