Rebass – React primitive UI components

Rebass – React primitive UI components
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It wouldn’t be a lie to say that most of the time we spend using web applications. Creating UI components we usually prefer using React and its capabilities to make the development of the applications a bit faster and easier. And for this, we encourage you to read about Rebass – React primitive UI components.

To understand why you should try using this useful tool, read its main features first:

  • You can start your design system at once
  • It’s easier to build consistent UI with design constraints and scales
  • The tool offers the best developer ergonomics with Styled System props
  • You will get great support for theming compatible with Theme UI
  • It has quick and mobile-responsive styles with simple syntax
  • You can use Flexbox layout with the Box and Flex components
  • The tool is flexible, so you can use it for high design and development velocity.
  • It has minimal footprint at about 4KB

Rebass has its main principles that you can check here.

Learn more about reusable UI components in React on our blog! Learn and try!

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