Rekit Studio IDE for React and Redux development

Rekit Studio IDE for React and Redux development
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On Feb, 8 a complete IDE for React, Redux, and React Router development was released. It is called Rekit Studio and it provides the capability for code generation, dependency diagraming, refactoring, building, unit tests, and a meaningful way to navigate code. Meet Rekit Studio IDE for React and Redux development!

If you familiar with the previous version of Rekit Studio called Rekit Portal, it had no ability to edit code. In contrast to Rekit Studio. Rekit Studio also automates project setup, webpack configuration and organizes your folder structure. In what way this integrated development environment is special?

Rekit Studio IDE for React and Redux development benefits

  • It follows the pattern of how a scalable web application is organized, Rekit Studio knows which files are components, which are actions, where routing rules are defined
  • It helps to create code boilerplates with its intuitive UI without any learning cost
  • With Rekit Studio, you can right-click a component or action to move, and rename or delete it just like you do with other IDEs like Eclipse or Visual Studio. Rekit Studio will do all things automatically, and you can check logs to see what it does behind
  • It provides two kinds of intuitive diagrams for you to review the dependencies
  • Rekit Studio can build and test the project with intuitive UIs
  • Rekit Studio can create boilerplates of features, actions, and components
  • Both Rekit Studio and Rekit CLI use `rekit-core` to manage project elements. (The CLI system supports more kinds of plugins)

More improvements are on approach!

Rekit does not provide any SDK or npm packages for your application. Rather than a framework, it is more a toolkit for creating and managing the project. Give it a try!

Follow the link to read about it in details.

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