Success stories for custom software solutions

Success stories for custom software solutions
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Custom software development is expensive, relatively slow, and complicated. But if you work with dedicated professionals who proved their level by doing tens of custom software products, you can be sure you will get the best quality and further maintenance. But the question is why you have to choose custom software development over some readymade solutions? And this topic is not related to the pros and cons of each. It’s related to your predecessors with their experience and stories. This material will tell you about several success stories for custom software solutions that became famous. 

Let’s go through some of the most famous brands who have chosen custom software development.

  1. Netflix
    Nowadays Netflix became the defacto standard in paid video streaming. Netflix is a result of major self-produced hits like ‘House of Cards’ and ‘Stranger Things’. It continues to innovate with custom software and technology. Some of Netflix’s technological benefits include:

    • Content art customization to increase viewership;
    • Content suggestion based on what’s already been watched;
    • Subtitle generation;
    • Thought-out backend to make the viewing experience seamless across devices;
    • Netflix allows it to collect data to understand viewing preferences.
  2. UBER
    Uber disrupts the ride-hailing industry. Uber creates a seamless experience for driver and rider ecosystems, all orchestrated by an intelligent dispatching system. Key tech features performed in Uber:

    • Navigation and guidance systems for drivers;
    • Ability to find a ride immediately or schedule for convenience;
    • Automated pricing for competitive ride fares.
  3. Amazon
    Amazon uses its web tech stack to surpass the industry of retail. This company understands what customers want and uses this knowledge. Amazon collects data on product preferences of consumers. Now Amazon started its own business line selling its technology expertise in storage, data processing, and eCommerce to other businesses.
  4. McDonald’s
    McDonald’s created a simple and intuitive system for employees with minimal training to quickly learn and become effective workers. Also, by investing in custom software development they created self-serve kiosks, customer-centric services that turned McDonalds’ business to fit around customers. For organizations intent on being customer-centric or agile, this example shows real benefits.
  5. YouTube
    YouTube is able to suggest highly relevant and timely content. Also, its feedback loop helps to keep viewers engaged for hours. YouTube’s custom software allows recognizing patterns in viewing, preferences for content and recommends videos for continuous viewing. Subtitle submission and improvements features made users want to contribute to YouTube.
  6. EA games
    EA created its own gaming engine called Frostbite. It was comprised of custom code to drive its next generation of flagship titles and to become the platform for acquired EA gaming studies for harmonizing innovation across its portfolio. Frostbite platform shipped over 30 games and counting across multiple gaming platforms.
  7. TELUS
    Telus is Canada’s phones, Internet and TV network. Telus created a custom workforce management platform that included total learning, performance management, and succession planning. The system became an industry-leading solution adopted by many other corporations. While helping Telus to remain the top mobile network, the new approach adopted by Telus helped create new business lines like Telus Health Solutions, and Telus Business Services.
  8. AirBnB
    AirBnB platform allows property owners to rent directly to visitors or travelers. It allows for remote authentication of property owners or renters without them having to visit an office or meet one another prior to the exchange. Except for transparency (renters and property owners can rate each other, the platform also support seamless payment service. AirBnB is the defacto standard and the first company to make the on-demand economy sustainable for personal properties. AirBnB is synonymous with its custom software and mobile application. Earlier we listed AirBnB among other Ruby on Rails projects.

By the way, to be successful you have to embrace new technologies and hacks available nowadays. Do you want to know what innovations can grow your business and save money in 2019?

Custom software development brings a competitive edge and opens new horizons to your business. If you ready to invest in your future tailor-made software, ask Syndicode dedicated engineers about custom software development!

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