TOP 100 AI companies to watch in 2018

TOP 100 AI companies to watch in 2018
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You already know that AI is widely used in innovative ways by plenty of startups from agriculture to medicine and beyond. Recently we covered the topic of how AI will affect UX design. Today we want to share with you the list of the teams and technologies that are successfully using AI to solve big challenges. This is TOP 100 AI companies to watch in 2018!

Since Syndicode is supporting many AI and Big Data conferences and events, we like to collect and share the information about everything related. We understand that each year AI will affect our lives in more ways we could only predict.

The companies we will set below were selected by several criteria, including investor profile, tech innovation, team strength, patent activity, mosaic score, funding history, valuation, and business model.

TOP 100 AI companies to watch in 2018

  1. AEYE
    AEye develops advanced vision hardware, software, and algorithms that act as the eyes and visual cortex of autonomous vehicles. Since the demonstration of its solid state LiDAR scanner in 2013, AEye has pioneered breakthroughs in intelligent sensing.
  2. Affirm
  3. Afiniti
  4. AiCure
  5. Algolia
  6. Amplero
  7. Anki
    Anki is a robotics and artificial intelligence startup that puts robotics technology in products for kids.
  8. Appier
  9. Applitools
  10. Appthority
  11. Aquifi
  12. Arterys
    Examining MRI scans is tedious work and prone to human error. Arterys is leading the charge on handing that task over to artificial intelligence. Thanks to this startup’s tech, diagnoses that usually take humans 45 minutes can now be performed in 15 seconds. Its system uses deep learning to compare new MRI scans with those it’s already examined. All the information is stored in a central cloud, which gives the system an ever-growing data set and allows it to deliver more accurate readings over time. In 2017, Arterys’s cardiac MRI technology, which examines the heart and blood flow through its ventricles, became the first cloud-based AI platform to be FDA-approved for use in clinical settings. The company, which also closed a $30 million Series B last year, is currently working on getting clearance for similar technology that focuses on the lungs and liver.
  13. babylon
  14. Benson Hill Biosystems
  15. Bowery Farming
    Agriculture might look a lot different in the future – just ask Bowery Farming, a vertical farming startup that grows its crops indoors. Sensors at each facility collect data points regarding factors like humidity, temperature, and light. Cameras observe minor changes as the plants grow, and thanks to machine vision, the company’s AI can quickly determine and adjust to the ideal conditions for a particular batch thus optimizing for yield as well as taste, texture, and color. By output, the company claims a Bowery farm is more than 100 times more efficient per square foot than a traditional farm. The startup is entering a space currently occupied by companies like AeroFarms, which takes less of an AI-focused approach but already has several large vertical farms throughout the northeastern U.S.
  16. Brain Corporation
  17. Bytedance
  18. C3 IoT
  19. Cambricon
  20. Cape Analytics
  21. Captricity
  22. Casetext
  23. Cerebras Systems
  24. CloudMinds
  25. CognitiveScale
  26. Conversica
  27. CrowdFlower
  28. CrowdStrike
  29. Cybereason
  30. Darktrace
  31. DataRobot
    DataRobot powers the AI-driven enterprise. Its breakthrough invention of automated machine learning empowers users throughout the organization to consistently make business decisions unmatched in simplicity, speed, and accuracy. The DataRobot platform evaluates hundreds of cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to discover, deploy, and customize the best predictive models for every situation. DataRobot delivers the most accurate predictions at scale, providing the fastest path to data science success for organizations of all sizes.
  32. Deep Sentinel
  33. Descartes Labs
  35. Dynamic Yield
  36. Element AI
  37. Endgame
  38. Face++
  39. Flatiron Health
  40. FLYR
  41. Foghorn Systems
  42. Freenome
    Liquid biopsies have been all the rage in the medical world, with a growing number of well-funded startups working on finding a way to detect cancer using blood samples. Freenome is one such company, and its goals are loftier than most. While other companies focus on detecting the existence of cancer, Freenome claims its AI can use blood to identify where the bad tissue is or is likely to be located, as well as whether it may be malignant or benign. It studies DNA in the blood, detecting biological signs of cancer and then making predictions about where the cancer is and what kind of treatments would work best.The company has performed thousands of tests and is working on detecting prostate, breast, colon, and lung cancers. Thanks to machine learning, its software becomes better at screening over time. Before it can do much else, Freenome must complete the clinical trials necessary to secure regulatory approval and roll out to the public.
  43. Gong
  44. Graphcore
  46. Insight Engines
  47. Insilico Medicine
  48. Invoca
    Invoca helps the modern marketer optimize for the most important step in the customer journey: the phone call. With Invoca’s Voice Marketing Cloud, marketers can get granular campaign attribution to understand why customers are calling, gain real-time intelligence about who’s calling and analyze what’s being said in conversations. Marketers can put this data to work directly in the Voice Marketing Cloud by automating the ideal customer experience before, during and after each call.
  49. Kindred Systems
  50. KYNDI
  51. LeapMind
  52. Liulishuo
  53. MAANA
  54. Merlon Intelligence
  55. Mighty AI
  56. Mobalytics
  57. Mobvoi
  58. MOOGsoft
  59. Mya Systems
  60. Mythic
    Mythic envisions a world where every device is intelligent, with human-like senses and a high-level understanding of the environment around it. Mythic creates powerful life-enhancing AI that customers can push into anything – from fitness bands and hearing aids to self-driving cars and robotic drones.
  61. Narrative Science
  62. NAUTO
  63. Neurala
  64. Numerai
  65. Obsidian Security
  66. Onfido
    Onfido builds trust in an online world by helping businesses digitally verify people’s identities. Using machine learning technology, Onfido validates a user’s identity document and compares it with their facial biometrics. The identity can then be cross-referenced against international credit and watchlist databases.
  67. Orbital Insight
  68. OrCam Technologies
  69. Osmo
  70. PerimeterX
  71. Petuum
  72. Preferred Networks
  73. Primer
  74. Prospera
  75. Recursion Pharmaceuticals
  76. Reflektion
  77. SenseTime
  78. Shape Security
  80. Shield AI
  81. Shift Technology
  82. Socure
  83. SoundHound
    SoundHound has been around for 13 years, and has spent that time trying to build the most powerful voice assistant ever. The startup began by creating a Shazam-like song recognition app called Midomi; now, the newly released Hound app is capable of answering complex voice prompts like, “What’s the weather like in the capital of the biggest state in the U.S.?”Instead of converting language into text, like most virtual assistants do, the app’s AI combines voice recognition and language understanding into one step, which helps speed up results and cut down on errors.
  84. SparkCognition
  85. Spoke
    This startup’s AI aims to know more about your company than you do. Not sure what HR’s policy is when it comes to sick day rollovers? Ask its chatbot. There’s a light out in the conference room? Let it know, and it will direct a request to the right person. Spoke can answer employee inquiries via an app, in Slack, or by way of email or text, with the idea being that it will save your employees the time they’d normally spend asking questions or fielding them and keep your office running smoothly. The system’s machine learning component allows it to process and learn information as it converses with people, storing away new answers for the future.
  86. Sportlogiq
  87. Tamr
  88. Tempus Labs
  89. Text IQ
  90. Textio
  91. Tractable
  92. Trifacta
  93. Twiggle
  94. UBTECH Robotics
  95. Upstart
  96. Versive
  97. Vicarious Systems
  98. Workey (now Gloat)
    Gloat builds the workplace of the future and push the boundaries of career expectations. Its AI-based career development platform matches users with personalized open career opportunities in real time while they remain completely anonymous.
  99. WorkFusion
  100. ZestFinance
  101. Zoox
  102. Zymergen

We delivered description only for some of them, but you can browse more yourself. Don’t hesitate to write us if you know any other promising AI companies and startups that will influence the future!

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