Wanna take Ruby Certification?

Wanna take Ruby Certification?
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Ruby has an official certification provided by Ruby Association but it seems to be not so popular. Most of the pages on the official website are in Japanese and you can hardly find any resources on the web on how or why you should take it. In this article, we are sharing the experience of taking the ruby certification. Wanna take Ruby Certification with us?

Currently, Ruby certification consists of two tests: silver and gold. Another one, platinum is still in development. You’ll have 90 minutes to answer 50 multiple choice questions. A passing score is 75% and wrong answers don’t affect it, which means you have to answer correctly at least 38 questions. Tests cost $150 each and are taken in Prometric test centers. They are located all around the world, so there shouldn’t be any problem to find one in your area. Right after the completion, you’ll get the results and in a week a digital certificate will be emailed to you.

Silver test covers the basics of ruby. Some basic edge cases of syntax. And not so well known methods of most popular classes. They may not appear in your day to day work, but you’ll definitely encounter them sooner or later.

There are two prep tests you can use. One can be found on Ruby Association website and one on github. These tests are really good, they provide an explanation to answers and show you exactly what would you expect during an actual test.

Gols is a trickier one. It has lot’s of questions on completely different topics: Fibers, meta programming, method visibility modifiers, exceptions, exception ancestry chain, catch/throw, use of Enumerable and Comparable, Refinements.

Find the whole experience story here.

P.S. And explore 8 alternative Ruby frameworks. It’s never too late to learn something new! And Rails is not a silver bullet!

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