React v16.3.0 is released. Syndicode news.

React v16.3.0 is released

Last week the new version of React was released. New React 16.3.0 has new lifecycles and new APIs: an official context API, a ref forwarding API, and an ergonomic ref API. For many years, React has offered an experimental API for context. So this time React v16.3.0 is released with many long-requested features! 

Weekly most popular JS repositories. Buds on trees. JavaScript digest

Weekly most popular JS repositories. Buds on trees

These days bring new hope. When nature is awakening and starts to bloom you know – everything is going to be ok. To cheer you up, even more, we collected all the most popular GitHub JavaScript repositories in our new digest. Here you will find data visualization library, markdown editor, testing utilities, Web UI for Elasticsearch, Cross-Platform React Native UI Toolkit and more… Read and enjoy weekly most popular JS repositories. Buds on trees!

TOP GitHub alternatives in 2018. Syndicode news

TOP GitHub alternatives in 2018

We all use GitHub. Everyday. But it’s not the only one solution, and you are probably aware of Bitbucket or GitLab. So let’s get down to the list of the main GitHub competitors who provide private and public repository in 2018. They are TOP GitHub alternatives in 2018.

Syndicode Digest #49 – Sheperd's church

Syndicode Digest #49 – Sheperd’s church

All programmers are somehow religious. They do believe in progress, in future, in the unlimited power of those pretty lines of code, and of course in artificial intelligence. Or not? However, when we do something we have to believe in it. Otherwise, there’s no point! Our new Friday’s Syndicode Digest #49 – Sheperd’s church wishes you strong faith, patience and tons of wisdom!

Sharetribe Flex was introduced yesterday. Syndicode news

Sharetribe Flex was introduced yesterday

You already know that Syndicode is the marketplace development agency. In our article about self-hosted Sharetribe, you could read about Sharetribe’s main advantages and problems. One of its the main problems was the lack of flexibility. That is why we even created the list of Sharetribe alternatives for custom-built solutions! And now Sharetribe Flex was introduced yesterday! That means Sharetribe is back in the game! 

Start your summer with AmsterdamJS! Syndicode events

Start your summer with AmsterdamJS!

AmsterdamJS is a 2-day event focusing exclusively on JavaScript development. At AmsterdamJS conference, inspiring talks meet fresh ideas and good people – you’ll hear all you need to know about the latest trends in JS tech, see stellar speakers, meet new friends and colleagues, and connect with key people in the industry. Plus, all of that in one of Europe’s top destinations. What else do you need if you’re in love with JavaScript? Start your summer with AmsterdamJS!

Syndicode at 'How to build an intelligent chatbot' workshop! Syndicode events

Syndicode at ‘How to build an intelligent chatbot’ workshop

Today Syndicode together with AKAI Digital attended an interesting workshop held by Sergii Baidachnyi, Developer Evangelist from Microsoft. That was one of Data Science UA events when you not just listen but try your own skills and get new experiences. Get inspired for the next awesome events with several pictures of Syndicode at ‘How to build an intelligent chatbot‘ workshop!