React Apollo 2.1 announcement. Syndicode news

React Apollo 2.1 announcement

On March 22, Peggy Rayzis, an engineer at Apollo wrote about the new version of React Apollo 2.1. And we will share with you the main details from React Apollo 2.1 announcement. But apart from this fascinating news, we’d like to share with you also the complete guide about this GraphQL toolkit we recently found. It will be extremely useful! 

The instruction on how to use Vue.js as a Frontend for Rails. Syndicode news

The instruction on how to use Vue.js as a Frontend for Rails

Here in Syndicode we are the fans of Rails. We hope, there’s no need to explain why. But diving deeper into the frontend part we understand that the only thing as great as Rails but for the frontend is Vue.js. This JS framework has so many advantages that we have no doubts about using it in our projects along with Rails. That is why we are happy to share with you the instruction on how to use Vue.js as a Frontend for Rails!

Syndicode Digest #48 – Gamepad jury. Syndicode digest

Syndicode Digest #48 – Gamepad jury

Probably, you don’t remember the first gamepads. So as we don’t. But they existed and seemed perfect for the first players. The same happening with the software – back in the 1970s 2KB of RAM was enough for sending people to the moon. Now 1.5GB of RAM lets you just run Slack. Anyway, the world progress is unstoppable. Let’s evolve from primitive gamepad to Nintendo Switch in out new  Syndicode Digest #48 – Gamepad jury!

A few advice for the future CTO. Syndicode news

A few advice for the future CTO

It’s been a long time since we last wrote about business, not technology. But everything is very connected. You can be a unicorn programmer, but your startup will crash if you ignore the main business rules and management. Here we found a few advice for the future CTO that will make your first steps in business less painful. 

Weekly trending Ruby on Rails repositories. March, 21. Syndicode news. RoR digest

Weekly trending Ruby on Rails repositories. March, 21

It seems that winter is not going to give up! But it’s less strong then it was. And that is a good reason to make some plans and get the inspiration. Meet the 4th digest with the most popular Rails repositories of the week! Weekly trending Ruby on Rails repositories from March, 21 will include authorization services, gems for storing and retrieving translations, libraries for connecting ActiveRecord to the Sphinx, a simple web application that lets projects self-certify, Rails JSON APIs authentication and more of neat Rails repos! With Syndicode you will never miss Rails open source projects worth your attention!