Ruby for beginners: interesting facts and learning process. Syndicode translate

Ruby for beginners: interesting facts and learning process

Since we are Ruby on Rails agency, we do pay a lot of attention to materials, tutorials, and news around RoR and Ruby. Recently Syndicode found quite an informative, well-written article about Ruby main features explained for the beginners. And we decided to translate this material for the English-speaking community. Because it is useful to read for all of us! So today we’re going to present you Ruby for beginners: interesting facts and learning process.

The beginners' guide on Information Architecture. Syndicode news

The beginners’ guide to Information Architecture

From our experience, Syndicode can tell you that design is an utmost important part of any web or mobile app’ success. You can have the best, the fastest app with as many neat features as needed, but if you will not provide the appealing and clear, easy-to-navigate design, nobody will use it. You can learn where and how to place your information with the help of Information Architecture. And here is the beginners’ guide to Information Architecture.

10 Vue.js benefits for your consideration. Syndicode news

10 Vue.js benefits for your consideration

When it comes to choosing the technology, remember the scope of great things provided by Vue. What great things? This ‘jquery’ of JavaScript has the same solid design principles centered around view templates, virtual DOM and reacting to state as in React. But it can bring you even more. Read 10 Vue.js benefits for your consideration!