Angular 5.2.0 released. Syndicode news

Angular 5.2.0 released

There are too many changes in the world of technology happening at the same time. You can’t keep up with all of them and you can’t apply all the new changes immediately. But Syndicode will help to filter the most important information out of its mass and deliver it for your delight. Read, enjoy and apply. Angular 5.2.0 released.

Ruby conferences to visit in 2018. Syndicode news. Calendar. Ruby events 2018

Ruby conferences to visit in 2018

Generally, Monday is the day you promise yourself to start changes. Here we give you a ping to help dream-changes come true. With the list of Ruby conferences to visit in 2018, you will be able to plan your next events, places, and even achievements! Visit as many as you can to improve your skills and find more cool programmers to follow up. 

Jekyll 3.7.0 released. Syndicode news

Jekyll 3.7.0 released

The latest version of a simple, blog-aware, distributed under an open source license, static site generator Jekyll 3.7.0 released. It is written in Ruby by GitHub’s co-founder team. Read about the latest additions from its contributors.

Syndicode Digest #38 – Whalewatching room. Syndicode digest

Syndicode Digest #38 – Whalewatching room

Have you ever admired some of the technology evangelists, early adopters or some extremely cool programmers? The truth is that you will never be like them! But you have a great chance to become your new smart and awesome version if you will work on your skills. Add some inspiration, some motivation and you will no longer want to become somebody else. You can follow the great examples but a whale is a whale, and a seahorse is a seahorse. Btw, the seahorse is also incredibly beautiful and charming. Read our new Syndicode Digest #38 – Whalewatching room to explore what the whales are doing about technology this week!

7 Sharetribe alternatives. Syndicode

7 Sharetribe alternatives

Since Syndicode is the marketplace development agency we can tell a lot about ways you can create an online marketplace. If you decided that creating from scratch is not your option you can always choose an open system or one of the existing off-the-shelf solutions. In our article about self-hosted Sharetribe, you could read about its main advantages and problems. But of course, it has some alternatives worth considering. We suggest you take a look at Sharetribe alternatives in our material.

How to optimize the purchase pathway. Syndicode news

How to optimize the purchase pathway

If you run your online business, the question of a sales funnel or a purchase pathway could bother you quite often. How to make your site visitors buy things online? What encourages them to press “buy” button? Companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Netflix set increasingly sophisticated and demanding digital experiences you have to consider. Learn how to optimize the purchase pathway to make your users happy. 

.IO domain name reliability issues. Syndicode news

.IO domain name reliability issues

What domain do you use? Recently we found some news (surprisingly not spread enough before) about using .IO domain issues. On September 2017 it was a big outage happened to about 20% of DNS resolutions for all .io domains. They were totally broken. So you’d better be aware of .IO domain name reliability issues.