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Syndicode – where talent meets challenges

We are a rapidly-growing player in the software development business, and yet have already gained a high degree of confidence from our customers and partners. A combination of our quality, performance and flexibility resulted in trusting partnership operations with companies in Ukraine and across Europe and USA.

Throughout the years and projects, we have used various languages such as PHP, NodeJS, GoLang, and Python, but Ruby is our language of choice. Ongoing investments in new technologies ensure offered quality and efficiency we offer to our clients, giving both Syndicode and its customers a competitive advantage.

As extraordinary dedicated professionals, we work together to make greatest web and mobile apps for all business goals. We provide clear expectations, concrete schedule, and a well-defined project description. Thus, each member of our team is involved both in internal and external processes. It’s not just ’employees’, but our co-workers who are highly motivated and skilled top-performers. We are proud of their professionalism and individuality, as we believe that a talented person is talented in any doing.

Zero bureaucracy

Feel free to move around the office in slippers. Tea/coffee meetings are efficient because of the relaxed atmosphere. And you can take a shower if you want to refresh yourself after work with the tricky project. So, office work conditions adopted to ensure that nothing distracts you from the main task – working.

Highly motivated team of top performers

Our co-workers are disciplined and self-planned. We define some red- and deadlines to finish the project in time, and all stakeholders understand importance and responsibility of each one’s work section. No pain – no gain, but who did everything well – gets well.

3 x I – Inspiration, Imagination & Individuality

To develop exclusive Apps we use three-I principle. There is no great project without Inspiration to do it at our best. Then we let our Imagination to go beyond the scope. And then we use the Individuality of each project member. Shaken, not stirred, – you’ll get an awesome result.

Magic Power

If you want to take over the world – just go and do it. Variety of projects makes your progress fast, so you can apply and grow your skills on several projects, or stay at any of them if you feel the desire and ability to be responsible for the overall project.

Challenging work gives great skills

We are not afraid of large/difficult projects because they give us the experience and expertise. From draft to the draft we evolving as a strong team and the company in general. Our customers know that by contacting us they will get an excellent result because Syndicode is exactly that point where talent meets challenges.

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