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Our mission

“Create digital products driven by strategy, design, and technology that bring true value to users and profit to business owners.”

CEO, Co-Founder Syndicode Dmytro Romanchenko

Our core values


Honesty is more than a character trait. It is the atmosphere of the company. It helps us cope with challenging and seemingly unresolvable situations. Honesty is a core value at Syndicode. We firmly believe it makes us stronger, allows us to trust each other, and quickly fix any mistakes.


Openness is like glue; it binds us together. We are not ashamed of sharing our emotions and thoughts, goals and experiences. We give well-deserved compliments, and we are not afraid to get constructive feedback. We are sure you get positive energy when you give it off yourself.


Responsibility means having a willingness to make hard decisions in challenging circumstances. These decisions affect not only you but everyone and everything depending on you. Syndicode encourages employee commitment and gives a huge benefit of doubt and freedom of action.


Sometimes, while performing a complex task, a Syndicoder needs a piece of experience from a teammate, good advice, or just an outside perspective. By offering help, you expand the range of knowledge and skills, master-related technologies, share experiences, and learn new things. And since what you give is always reciprocated, at Syndicode you can always count on support in return.

We‘ve Got You Covered

  • You can attend our English lessons. Also, we have internal engineering learning where you can improve your skills. Finally, you can upgrade your skills further with our tech leads during mentorship.

  • We will work with you on driving your career development and helping you hit your next milestone.

  • You will get an annual personal budget and flexibility to use it for individual development, education, sport, or physical or mental health improvement.

  • We have dog-friendly offices across the globe located in the city center with all the equipment you may need, and we can pay for coworking in your city if needed. Also, you will get the chance to work remotely from any location.

  • We offer 21 calendar days for vacation, 20 sick leaves, and days off any time you need.

Sounds like you?

A Syndicoder is someone who combines an engineering mindset and advanced soft skills. This person loves what he/she does, can trust and delegate, and is always ready to learn new things and unite people in hard times.

For us, friendship, empathy, dedication, and respect are more than just words—they are what make Syndicode a Team.

We find it unacceptable to cheat or keep silent about problems on a project, fail to fulfill our commitments, have no desire to Develop, or be toxic in any way.

The part of our team

Dmytro CEO/Co-Founder
Tetiana Lead HR
Oleksandr Software Engineer
Oleksandr Software Engineer
Ruslan Software Engineer
Serhii Software Engineer
Oleksandr Lead PMO
Eugene Sales Manager
Oleksandr Software Engineer
Oleksandra Project Manager
Pavlo Software Engineer
Alena Finance Manager
Kate HR Manager
Kristina Office Manager
Margo Recruiter
Andrii Software Engineer
Grigoriy Software Engineer
Hlib Software Engineer
Anton Project Manager
Ihor Software Engineer
Vadym Software Engineer
Vitalii Software Engineer
Roman Software Engineer
Serhii Software Engineer

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We’re not just colleagues

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Our four stage recruitment process


A quick chat with one of our recruiters to get to know you a little better.

Tech interview

An interview with Syndicode engineer, learning more about your technical experience.

Team fit interview

We delve deeper into a candidate’s career history, interests and motivation to make the final decision.


We make an offer to the candidate we feel is the best fit for the role.
Didn’t find a suitable position?

Didn’t find a suitable position?

We allways looking for a new talents. Just talk to us if you want to join our team!

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