Front-end ReactJS Developer

We are looking for a Frontend ReactJS Developer to the project from scratch for the Australian market.

About the project

The project is an application (consisting of a fully functioning web application and client mobile application), providing Software as a Service (SaaS) that connects small businesses with the end-users. The project’s primary goal is to create web and mobile applications to connect self-contained RV and motorhome travelers with wineries, farms, and breweries owners, allowing travelers to stay overnight and receive a unique experience in picturesque locations.

The main pros of the project:
• no competitors in the Australian market;
• involve writing a web version and a mobile application with a common backend;
• project from scratch without legacy code;
• all team members from Syndicode:)

You should have

  • 4+ years of working experience;
  • Strong SPA development experience (mid to large scale apps); 
  • Solid knowledge of React development best practices, concepts, and ecosystem; 
  • Expert in HTML5 and CSS3, including CSS methodologies & build tools;
  • Experience with Git and web-based version control platforms like Github;
  • Ability to create maintainable component systems, component-driven architecture;
  • Experience in designing, building, consuming, and documenting APIs;
  • Intermediate English level or higher.

Your tasks will be

  • Translate business requirements into technical specifications;
  • Implement new products and features; 
  • Secure the quality through code reviews and pair programming with a tech team;
  • Report your progress to the project manager;
  • Participate in project meetings and technical decisions;
  • Work in an agile team using pull request based code reviews and automated testing.


  • Is there a trial period, and how long does it last? — Two months.
  • How often are there overtimes, and what is the approach to payment? — We aim to maintain a work-life balance and usually do not practice overtime. In exceptions, we pay 100% as a standard working day.
  • What is the work schedule? — We focus not on the hours but the result. The working schedule is flexible, from 8:00-11:00 to 17:00-20:00, respectively.
  • Is it possible to work remotely for some days? — Each employee has the opportunity to work remotely or full remote.
  • What is the number of vacation days? — Fifteen working days, excluding holidays and weekends.
  • What is the number of paid sick days per year? — The company provides 100% compensation for twenty sick days per year.
  • What about perks? — Each employee has a fixed annual balance for sports, health care or education.
  • What about English lessons? — Syndicode provides internal English lessons.
  • Office address: Sofievskaya 1/2a, Kyiv / Hlinky 2, of. 1003, Dnipro.

About our team

A Syndicoder possesses good soft skills, loves what he/she does, can trust and delegate, always ready to learn new things and unites people in difficult situations.

Every Syndicoder is an innate part of SyndicodeFamily, a horizontally built team with a massive pool of interests and knowledge. For us, friendship, empathy, dedication, and respect are not just words – they are what make Syndicode a team.

Clients see us as professionals who have the expertise, dive deep into customer issues and pains, ask the right questions, be proactive, change the approach in challenging situations, and evolve along with the client’s business.

It is unacceptable for us to cheat or be silent about problems on a project, systematically fail to perform our duties, have no desire to develop, and be toxic in any way.

Our core values are Integrity, Openness, Responsibility, and Be ready to support.

  • Integrity for us is not only a trait of character but also an atmosphere in the company.  It helps us to cope with the most challenging and seemingly unresolvable situations. We choose this value as fundamental to Syndicode. We know for sure that honesty makes us stronger, allows us to trust each other, and quickly correct any mistakes. Syndicode management is honest about the company’s business, income, and expenses. Integrity allows us to gain two-way trust at every level.
  • Openness is like glue, connecting us to each other. We are not shy about sharing our emotions and thoughts, goals, and experiences, we give well-deserved compliments, and we are not afraid of constructive criticism. We believe that you can get positive energy when you release it and accumulate it for the team. At Syndicode, you can approach the CEO and ask any question, hear his opinion, and discuss everything that’s on your mind. The guys know practically everything about each other, they are friends in everyday life, and they love team buildings.
  • Responsibility is the ability to make decisions in difficult situations, not only for yourself but also for everything that depends on you. Syndicode rewards the employee’s commitment and gives the benefit of the doubt and freedom of action. As a result, you increase your expertise and get the opportunity for professional growth. Your skillset level is equal to the level of responsibility you take on. You can grow to Team Lead when you are developing not only your technical skills but also your managerial skills.
  • Be ready to support. Sometimes while performing a complex task, Syndicoder needs a piece of someone else’s experience, the right advice, or just a glimpse from the outside. By offering your help, you expand the range of knowledge and skills, harness related technologies, share experiences, learn new things. As a result, you gain authority, create a casual relationships and develop your soft skills. And since help is a boomerang effect, at Syndicode you can always count on support in return.

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