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    For 5+ years, clients trust us to convert their ideas into high-end software projects.

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    9/10 projects are either managed by our PM or directly by the client. Transparent reporting keeps up-to-date in a real-time mode.

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    For the last 2 years, 85 of 100 projects delivered by Syndicode entailed full-cycle software development services.

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    We delve deep into your requirements and apply specific tools, payment gateways, and APIs based on your preferences.

They have delivered according to the plan, so I can only recommend them as the development professionals.
Sergiej Rewiakin

Sergiej Rewiakin
 CTO at CleanAgents (
Syndicode team allowed me to focus on client management while knowing that all my dev needs will be handled.
Ilona Kaplunov
Ilona Kaplunov Principal at BlueAppDesign
On each development stage, we had a complete understanding of processes. It helped us plan business activities.
Mick O'Dwyer
Mick O’Dwyer CEO at SwiftComply
Syndicode provided us with a detailed estimate, helped to set all the processes, and showed good team cooperation.
James Denham
James Denham Managing Partner at Instalinks

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NodeJS development services with Syndicode

Why NodeJS development?

Performance: NodeJS uses an efficient V8 engine. Its powerful algorithms quickly compile JavaScript into a binary code, understood by hardware. Node.js offers a non-blocking request processing – you can run multiple operations at the same time. 

Scalability: the possibility of using the same tech stack throughout the project allows unifying development practices and quickly onboarding new developers. Backend teams can understand front-end codebase and vice versa. 

Versatility: Node.js development services are used for backend web development, server programming, API development. 

Caching: Node.js remembers user requests and stores them in the application’s memory. The server doesn’t have to request any more input to execute an operation. It’s convenient for complex procedures like registration our checking-out). 

Fast request processing: A single Nodejs process handles many requests, producing many outputs. If one input is still processing, the application continues to accept other requests, still running smoothly.

Node.js is a JavaScript-based runtime environment that allows developers to use JavaScript both for backend development. Teams only need to manage a single syntax for the entire code-base. Nodejs developers can reuse JSON components on the client- and server-side, saving time and budget. Node.js creates an environment to execute JS outside of the browser, treating it like a regular general-purpose language. 

The use of JS for backend offers many practical advantages. The server-side of the application becomes event-driven, and therefore, more interactive. The asynchronous nature allows high processing workloads. This is why Nodejs development is our favorite choice for real-time web pages and apps.

Node JS development team

  • Roman Belskiy
    Roman Belskiy Software Engineer
  • Anton Rusinov
    Anton Rusinov Software Engineer
  • Yuriy Shepitko
    Yuriy Shepitko Software Engineer

Choosing between NodeJS and Ruby on Rails

As a software development company with a general focus on Ruby development, it makes sense for us to use RoR most of the time. However, in some cases, Nodejs development becomes our top choice instead. Even though Ruby on Rails is amazing, the JS-based runtime environment is sometimes a better option.

Use cases for Nodejs development services

  • Real-time apps: non-blocking I/O processing makes Node.js a great fit for real-time data processing;
  • Small teams: with Ruby on Rails, you need to hire Ruby experts, while Node allows you to use your JS team;
  • API development: Nodejs development is a popular choice for building APIs, particularly JSON and RESTful ones;
  • Data management and web scraping: when our projects require enabling multiple-data

To decide whether to use Node.js or Ruby on Rails, we carefully analyze the project’s requirements and available resources. Our team thinks long-term, taking into account the future growth of the product. 

Why Entrust Your Nodejs Development to Syndicode?

Our Nodejs developers are experts in building data-intensive, real-time applications. The expertise of our Node.js team isn’t limited to the server-side. Our back-end developers are well-rounded and versatile: they cooperate with front-end teams early on and understand the nuances of the client-side. 

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