13 books that will make you expert in online marketplaces

After reading the complete guide on marketplace development you’ll probably be thirsty for more information. We promise to publish marketplace related links, topics, cases and resources on a regular basis in our blog. For now, you can start with the list of 13 books will make you expert in online marketplaces.

We collected many more of them. But to keep interest the information should be given by portions. And here’s your first selection of the best 13 books about online marketplaces:

  1. Matchmakers: The New Economics of Multisided Platforms by David S. Evans and Richard Schmalensee
    The concept of matchmaking has always been around and today it exist in the form of multisided platforms. The authors talk about the chicken-and-egg problem, prices, design, interactions and other related topics. They write about the most valuable startups and dynamic public companies that have cracked the code of the matchmaking business model and what they have discovered during their study.
  2. The Sharing Economy: The End of Employment and the Rise of Crowd-Based Capitalism by Arun Sundararajan
    The book with an extensive research and numerous real-world examples. Its author is an expert on the sharing economy who believes that we are transitioning into “crowd-based capitalism” (a new way of organizing economic activity that may supplant the traditional corporate-centered model).
  3. The Network Imperative: How to Survive and Grow in the Age of Digital Business Models by Barry Libert, Megan Beck and Jerry Wind
    Successful businesses today are characterized by transparent and collaborative networks. With tech startups like Uber and Airbnb disrupting their respective industries, investor capital, talent, and customers are shifting toward network-centric organizations. Based on research that covers 1,500 companies, the authors stress the importance of harnessing network effects, co-creation, and value sharing with stakeholders to succeed in today’s digital age.
  4. Platform Revolution: How Networked Markets Are Transforming the Economy–And How to Make Them Work for You by Geoffrey G. Parker, Marshall W. Van Alstyne and Sangeet Paul Choudary
    This book explains the feedback loops and network effects that drive platform business dynamics. You will find the insights into the strategies employed by the world’s emerging platforms, ways to identify prime markets, how to monetize networks, and how to address essential marketplace issues like security, regulation, and trust. Readers dubbed this book “owner’s manual for creating a successful platform business”.
  5. What’s Mine Is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption by Rachel Botsman and Roo Rogers
    The authors discuss the roots of collaborative consumption and how it’s transforming the traditional landscape of business, consumerism, and the way we live. For those who are interested in new business ideas that utilize the social power of collaboration, this book explores the emergence of entrepreneurs that aim to serve this new market, amounting to the creation of networks of shared interests which simplify ownership and the logistics of collective use.
  6. Platform Scale: How an emerging business model helps startups build large empires with minimum investment by Sangeet Paul Choudary
    The books explain why marketplaces can grow so rapidly is because they do not sell a product or service. Instead, they are a “platform on which others can create and exchange value”. Choudary identifies six core concepts for successful platform business model design and brings readers up to speed on the concepts of aggregation, distribution, interaction, network effects, and data as currency.
  7. Version One’s Marketplace Handbook by Boris Wertz and Angela Tran Kingyens
    Boris Wertz launched Abebooks, an online marketplace for books, way back in 1999. It was sold to Amazon and Wertz went on to establish Version One Ventures. True to his roots, Wertz understands the importance of marketplaces in the future of e-commerce.
    In this short but comprehensive guide, the authors compile insights from working with great marketplaces and analyzing the industry.
  8. Modern Monopolies: What It Takes to Dominate the 21st Century Economy by Alex Moazed and Nicholas L. Johnson
    What do Google, Snapchat, Tinder, Amazon, and Uber platforms have in common? A platform, by definition, creates value by facilitating an exchange between two or more interdependent groups. So they simply connect people. The advent of mobile computing and its ubiquitous connectivity have forever altered how we interact with each other. In this book authors will tell the definitive story of what has changed and how managers, entrepreneurs, and business owners can adapt and thrive in this new era.
  9. Mapping Innovation: A Playbook for Navigating a Disruptive Age by Greg Satell
    In this book you will find a simple-to-use framework for identifying the optimal innovation strategy that is most likely lead to a successful outcome. In addition, insights into how the world’s top innovators implement their innovation strategies and step-by-step guide to creating your own innovation playbook are also provided here. The truth is that there is no one “true path” to innovation, no silver bullets and no shortcuts. Only effective strategies.
  10. Platform Strategy: How to Unlock the Power of Communities and Networks to Grow Your Business by Laure Claire Reillier
    During the last decade, platform businesses such as Uber, Airbnb, Amazon and eBay have been taking over the world. In almost every sector, traditional businesses are under attack from digital disrupters. But what exactly is a platform business and why is it different? Here you can find a practical guide where authors explain how designing, igniting and scaling a platform business requires learning a whole new set of management rules. Platform Strategy also offers many fascinating insights into the future of platforms, their regulation and governance, as well as how they can be combined with other business models.
  11. The Digital Transformation Playbook: Rethink Your Business for the Digital Age by David Rogers
    The main question of this book is how to transform to compete in a digital economy. The author argues that digital transformation is not about updating your technology but about upgrading your strategic thinking. The Digital Transformation Playbook shows how pre-digital-era companies can reinvigorate their game plans and capture the new opportunities of the digital world. Every strategy in this playbook is illustrated with real-world case studies, from Google to GE, from Airbnb to the New York Times.
  12. The Economics of E-Commerce: A Strategic Guide to Understanding and Designing the Online Marketplace by Nir Vulkan
    E-commerce will have major and lasting effects on economic activity. This book provides professionals, investors, and MBA students the tools they need to evaluate the wide range of actual and potential e-commerce businesses at the microeconomics level. It demonstrates how these tools can be used to assess a variety of existing applications.
    Smart agents, shopping bots and bidding support the further growth of e-commerce. Such software programs can make decisions for individuals, negotiate with other programs, and participate in online markets. Combining insights from several years of microeconomics research as well as from game theory and computer science, the book stresses the importance of economic engineering in application design as well as the need for business models to take into account the “total game”.
  13. Capturing, Analyzing, and Managing Word-of-Mouth in the Digital Marketplace by Sumangla Rathore, Avinash Panwar
    This book explores the way new channels and platforms affect our everyday interactions and challenges surrounding the world of modern marketing. Featuring a special emphasis on social media, blogging, viral marketing, and other forms of e-communication, this timely reference source is essential for students, researchers, academics, and marketing practitioners.

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