Tips to design attractive forms for people to submit them. Syndicode news

Tips to design attractive forms for people to submit them

It happens often that when we see something attractive we start to think it has positive qualities. Beautiful people are smart and kind, attractive food is always delicious and calm blue sea is always warm and full of peaceful creatures. This kind of cognitive feature has a name in social psychology: the “halo effect.” We will talk today about something similar that happens in UX and will present you the tips to design attractive forms for people to submit them.

Anime.js lightweight JavaScript animation library. Syndicode news

Anime.js lightweight JavaScript animation library

Talking about JavaScript, don’t miss recently announced JS Kongress, an outstanding conference for JavaScript developers and companies that will take place on March 11-12 in Munich, Germany. Keep in mind that! But now we are happy to share with you something great about JS! Today we are going to present you Anime.js lightweight JavaScript animation library that can be very useful for your projects.

Flux vs. MVC

Flux vs. MVC

Today Model View Controller (MVC) is considered the most spread application design pattern in web development. Since the 1990s, if you wonder. And Flux is a new application architecture from Facebook that promises the same as MVC, but with a different approach that focuses on unidirectional data flow. What application is better? Let’s make a comparison: Flux vs. MVC.