Metropolis. Syndicode design


Have you ever thought that metropolis has taken away your identity? Made you a slave of everyday routine, running inside a hamster wheel that will never stop in order to produce electricity for a monster-city? If you ever felt like this, what is your way out? For us in Syndicode, only the art is a way to escape and imagine that world is still new and unexplored… 

Highload fwdays'18 Conference is coming! Syndicode event

Highload fwdays’18 Conference is coming!

This year Syndicode has established the great partnership with fwdays, the organizer of various programming languages and frameworks large-scale conferences. From event to event we enjoy the great level of organization and the top-rated speakers you can watch on any fwdays’ event. Attending a conference is definitely the best way to strengthen your skills and get some new knowledge. Today we’re happy to tell you about the new event for developers. Highload fwdays’18 Conference is coming to Kyiv on September 15!

Syndicode Digest #8 – Summer Glimpse

Ladies and gentlemen! Greet summer and our new Syndicode digest #8 awaiting for you! Hits: Functions, Functions everywhere. Sometimes functions is all what you need. Just try and you will never return to the bloated world. Build a  solid base from which you can develop more complex features. Following this guide you can learn how…