Monthly trending Ruby on Rails repositories. February, 13. Syndicode Rails digest

Monthly trending Ruby on Rails repositories. February, 13

Can you imagine that our Rails digest celebrates one year! On February 5 in 2018 we started our (weekly at first) regular issues with the most interesting Rails/Ruby projects on GitHub. Now it transformed into monthly trending Ruby on Rails repositories digest and can deliver more of interesting tools and solutions for your use. What can be more awesome than a chance to do less work with better performance? This time, on February 13 of 2019, you will read about e-commerce solutions, Rails security, row sorting library, testing Rails engines and other great RoR projects on GitHub!

Node.js multithreads. Syndicode news

Node.js multithreads

Node.js development became a huge thing over the last years. Its popularity within the developers can be very clearly seen because more and more tool appear that it’s interesting to discover. One of it is a new worker_threads module – Node.js multithreads.